DTG-Connector (Box of 100)

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This connector allows you to easily attach the 2'X2', 2'X4' and 4'X4' prestige tiles from the Prestige Deck System together. The DTG-connector allows you to easily connect the tiles to one another, on a flat surface (no tools necessary). Should you wish to move them around in the future, it would make the task fast and simple! 

The DTG-connector has 4 pre-pierced holes to allow you to screw the connector to concrete or your existing surface (if necessary). You can also cut the connector in pieces, should you only need to use a corner or a half.

The DTG-connector allows for a minimal space between the existing surface and the wood tile. The connector is 1/8'' (3.17 mm) thick. 

*This item is the connector only. To be used on a flat surface.