DTG-Deck Wise Compatible Adjustable Pedestal Supports (Pack of 8)

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The DTG-DeckWise Compatible Adjustable Pedestal Supports come with the Deck Wise Compatible Top Tile Connectors (Pack of 8). they fit perfectly with the different Deck Wise Tiles (sold seperately)

No tools necessary, just insert the DTG-DeckWise Compatible Connectors into the DeckWise Tiles to connect them together. 

 All you have to do is install the Adjustable Pedestal Supports every 2'. You can choose to screw them (if necessary) to the existing surface. 


Available in different sizes: 

DTG-S1 (40-55 mm) 1.57''-2.17’’ (28 mm Base + 35 mm Head)

DTG-S2 (60mm-80mm) 2.36’’-3.15’’ (28 mm Base + 50 mm Head)

 DTG-S3 (70-105 mm) 2.75''-4.13'' (65 mm Base + 50 mm Head)

 DTG-S4 (110mm-160 mm) 4.33''-6.30'' (65 mm Base + 100 mm Head)

 DTG-S5 (135mm-215 mm) 5.31''-8.46'' (65 mm Base + 50 mm Head + Extender)

DTG-S6 (195mm-325 mm) 7.67''-12.80'' (65 mm Base + 50 mm Head + 2 Extenders) 

*Remember that the heights shown above do not include the thickness of the tile.

**If you have a slope on your roof, we also offer the DTG-Slope Corrector, which allows for a much easier and even set up. The slope corrector allows for a 1 to 5 degree correction.