DTG-LUMBER JOIST Adjustable Pedestal Support with Lumber Adaptor (Pack of 8)

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The DTG-Adjustable Pedestal Support with Lumber Adaptor is used to connect standard wood profile or aluminum sub frame to the DTG-Adjustable Pedestal. You can install a regular 4''x4'', 2-2''x4'' or 2''x6'' beam inside the space of the Lumber Adaptor.


 Available in different sizes: (Adjustable sizes shown with LUMBER ADAPTOR)

DTG-S1 (50-65 mm) 1.96''-2.55’’ (28 mm Base and 35 mm Head)

DTG-S2 (70mm-90mm) 2.75’’-3.54’’ (28 mm Base and 50 mm Head)

DTG-S3 (80-115 mm) 3.15''-4.53''

DTG-S4 (120mm-170 mm) 4.72''-6.69''

DTG-S5 (145mm-225 mm) 5.70''-8.85''

DTG-S6 (205mm-335 mm) 8.07''-13.19''

* Remember that the heights shown above do not include the thickness of the raw lumber used.  

NOTE: The DTG-Adjustable Pedestals  can sustain a lot of load. However, the weakest link rapidly becomes the roof membrane of your rooftop. If you don't have accurate data of your roof, we normally suggest to use 1 device every 2' in each direction. You can choose to screw them (if necessary) to the existing surface.

****If you have a slope on your roof, we also offer the DTG-Slope Corrector, which allows for a much easier and even set up.